Ampicillin (Acillin)
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Product description: Ampicillin is an antibiotic used for treatment of pneumonia and other infectious diseases of respiratory, urogenital, gastrointestinal systems.
Active Ingredient: Acillin
Ampicillin as known as: Acmecilin, Agrocillina, Albipen, Albipenal, Alfasid, Alfasilin, Allégrocine, Alphapen, Alpovex, Ambigel, Ambiopi, Amblosin, Amfipen, Aminoxidin-sulbactam, Amipenix, Amp equine, Ampecu, Ampen, Ampenina, Ampexin, Ampi, Ampibactan, Ampibenza, Ampibex, Ampibos, Ampicaps, Ampicare, Ampicat, Ampicher, Ampicil, Ampicilin, Ampicilinã

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