Provera (Medroxyprogesterone Acetate)
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Product description: Provera is female hormone that helps regulate ovulation and menstrual periods.
Active Ingredient: Medroxyprogesterone Acetate
Provera as known as: Amen, Apo-medroxy, Aragest, Ciclotal, Climanor, Contracep, Curretab, Cycrin, Depo-clinovir, Depo-prodasone, Depo-progevera, Depo-provera, Depocon, Depotrust, Deviry, Dugen, Duova, Enaf, Farlutal, Farlutale, Femihexal, Gestapuran, Gestomikron, Hexal-mpa, Hysron, Livomedrox, Lunelle, Lutoral, Lyndavel, Medkiron, Medroplex, Medrosterona, Medroxiprogesterona, Medroxyhexal, Medroxyprogesteron, Medroxyprogesteronacetat, Medroxyprogesteronum, Megestron, Mepastat, Meprate, Mepro, Methypregnone, Metigesterona, Modus, Mpa-beta, Nerfin, Non-preg, Novo-medrone, Perlutex, Petogen, Petogen-fresenius, Planibu, Prodafem, Prodasone, Progeron, Progestagen, Progevera, Ralovera, Roxyprog, Sayana, Veraplex

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