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Educational Program

We provide vocational training , as well as K-12 and undergraduate college scholarship programs.


Our scholars have performed exceptionally well in the 2019 school year.

We are Still waiting for the final grades for our ( 10-12 )

(K-9 grades)

6- students have achieved 90% and higher
6- students have achieved 80% and higher
4- students have achieved 70% and higher.
9- students have achieved 60%

17 Students are awaiting for final grades from Board of education

8 – students are in Nursing College
1 – student has completed her Nursing degree


Our scholars have performed exceptionally well in the 2018-2019 school year.
5 students have achieved a 90% and higher
6 students have achieved a 80% and higher
11 students have achieved a 70% and higher.
2 of our nursing students have passed their first year of nursing school.
Our engineering scholar has started his final semester!
Thank you for continuing to support our scholars in their journeys towards achieving their career and academic goals.

Team TMCF had a conference the TMCF scholars at Islamia Faridia School in Kishtwar. We had spoken to them about TMCF’s missions and future goals for the organization, and the importance of education when it comes to the impact of how hard work and determination will pave the pathway towards their bright future. The students discussed their own personal goals . During the meeting the students were presented with monetary contribution from TMCF.

TMCF Educational Scholarship Program 2018 List

K-12 Scholarship- Islamia Faridia School
1.Uznn Ishtiyaq
2. Sadiq Hussain
3. Tauheed Hussain
4. Zainab Azad
5. Aatuba Irfan
6. Asif Shabir Sheikh
7. Sahil Shahnawaz Butt
8. Mohammed Abu Zar
9. Faisal Ayub Zargar
10. Tanzeela Tabassum
11. Danish Shabir Sheikh
12. Umar Farooq Butt
13. Saika Farooq Shah
14. Fiza Kousar
15. Adnan Liyaqat
16. Hamia Banoo
17. Misba Anjum
18. Khushboo
19. Nashra Azad
20. Sadiya Banoo
21. Amir Hussain
22. Sania Yasmeen
23. Fiza Fatima
24. Sadiya Shaheen
25. Ayman Zahoor
26. Fiza Wazir
27. Sadiya Azad

K -12 Scholarship- Green Model Academy-Bhaderwah
1. Afsar
2. Abrar

K-12 Scholarships- Govt High School Bhaderwah
1. Taranum Naz
2. Sheeza Tabsum

College Scholarships
1. Nazia Kousar – Nurshing (FMPHW)

We wish all our scholars the best of luck, and gratitude to all the donors who were able to make this ambition a possibility!